Intelligent Customer Service
manage your social media fans
through AI

As your social media message center, users are automatically grouped and messaged to help you manage your social media fans across the web.

Key Features

  • Manage all your social media fans
  • AI-driven intelligent automated replies
  • WYSIWYG Marketing Content Editor
  • Personalized broadcast messages based on user behavior

Intelligent Customer Support

By using intelligent chatbots, along with BotHub's AI technology and a large amount of industry-related data, we can directly respond to customer's common problems. We've used this method to improve customer service experience and reduce the cost of artificial customer service by more than 40%.

Recall lost users
Wake up sleeping users

Connect website visitors and users in social networks.

Recall lost users, wake up sleeping users, and bring you more than 10% extra orders by using personalized notifications.

Powered by AI

With multi products provided by Bothub, it will be easier to operate your social networks and services.

Our intelligent customer service support world's leading brands

Thousands users's messages are covered by intelligent customer service automatically. The accuracy rate is over 90%.

The intelligent customer service covers multi-country channels such as the United States and India, covering 40% of common user issues.