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Quickly Create Messenger Remarketing Tool

Create Messenger Bots without programming

Use Messenger Bots to remarket and automate marketing

New marketing tool Better marketing effect

Always online

Users can chat with Messenger Bots anytime they want without waiting to solve their problems

Automatic flow 

Users can get helped by following the flow that you have set on Bothub.AI

Better marketing effect

We have status which indicates that Messenger Bots have higher engagement and conversion rate than EDM

Easily create with simple steps

01 Connect with Facebook 


02 Basic Settings 


03 Try on Messenger 


Powerful Platform 


Multiple ways to drive traffic from many platforms

Customise Ref Link

Customise the ref link of your bot to promote it on any platforms

Push Notifications​​​​

When users login in or add products to cart on your website

 Private Reply

Users will get messages on Messenger when they comment on your facebook post


Intelligent bots that understand users


Set some conversations with AI to chat with users more intelligently

Set Param

Use param to collect users information and send personalize messages


Activate users constitently to grow your business

Subscribe Plugin

Use this plugin to get users subscribed and send daily messages to them 


Use broadcast to send promotion messages to all the users with one click 

More Functions

Live Chat

This function will help you intergrate live agents anytime users need help

Go to Block

Send different messages to different users based on the condition you set


Check all the marketing status you care by using dashborad

Chat History

Read any chat history to help you know more about users

Random Reply

Multiple replies that will send to users randomly to make them feel fun

Product Search

This plugin can help users to find products they want with key words

Case Study

Motorola Support

Moto chose our premium service to create a messenger bot that integrates with their system. Moto Me is a kind of customer service bot in which people can solve problems by themselves or get help from live agents.


As America's leading USB charging brand, ANKER cooperated with BotHub.AI to create their first Messenger bot as a marketing tool. There were many sales and marketing activities only available in Messenger platform.


Verybuy is an e-commerce company located at Taiwan. The Messenger bot they create has attracted a great deal of users because of the interesting intergration  between Messenger bot and users.

Motorola Support

ZAFUL is a clothing cross-border e-commerce brand. Messenger bot win new customers for Zaful, offering  basic content, subscriptions, and creating marketing campaigns. It also provides better intelligent customer service and live chat service to engage more users.

China Xinhua News

China Xinhua News is the official press agency of China. Users can subscribe news, search news in the messenger bot. In this way, China Xinhua News can send first-hand information to worldwide users, as well as generate more interactions.


Modlily is a leading women's cross-border e-commerce brand. Their messenger bot integrates technology to provide pre-sales, after-sales and other intelligent customer service support. They also use messenger bot to broadcast marketing and promotional messages, greatly improving the efficiency of customer service and customer satisfaction.

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